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Arkansas Native, attorney, empathetic civil servant

I’m running to represent District 34 to move past culture wars and make real change in Arkansas.

MEET Kaylee

Kaylee was born and raised in Mountain Home, Arkansas, and is a proud resident of Centerton. As an attorney for the Department of Human Services protecting the children of Arkansas, she has a deep understanding of the needs of our community, and what’s standing in their way.

Kaylee knows we need to invest far more in our people so that all of us, no matter our background or income level, can thrive.


No matter what their background, faith, or color, all Arkansans deserve a quality education, a safe and affordable place to live, and access to healthcare.

Kaylee will fight to protect school funding, invest in housing, and support mental health and substance abuse treatment programs.


Move past culture wars and
make real change in Arkansas.

Together, we can make a change

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